Website Management


Organic leads are the most valuable type of leads because they went searching for YOU. To keep a steady amount of organic leads coming in, it is vital to make sure that a website is well-maintained and updated periodically. Paradigm Digital Group’s project managers work to make sure that your site is running effectively and efficiently. We will optimize existing content and add new material regularly.


Paradigm Digital Group doesn’t just build your site and forget about it. Through strategic content marketing, we nurture the site to build both brand awareness and thought leadership by promoting the news and information that is relevant to your target market.


Adding meaningful, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boosting content will help your site climb the Google ranks. Paradigm Digital Group works with expert blog writers to craft exclusive program specific blogs that are posted throughout each month. Every blog is written with specifically chosen keywords to help make your site and programs more searchable. Become a thought leader in program areas leaving both students and prospective students checking back for future updates.


Let Paradigm Digital Group help promote news and events. An up-to-date news and events page can entice a web viewer to stay on your site longer, and give them the validation that they need to request more information. Publishing grad success stories can be a great way to show how a school can actually deliver on the promise of a better career path to prospective students.


Paradigm Digital Group helps build custom sites that are adapted to the specific needs of each client. Custom sites give you the flexibility to make site changes at any time without getting locked into the design of a template.

Website crashes are an unavoidable part of the Internet age, but that doesn’t mean you have to sweat it! Paradigm Digital Group will monitor all sites and lead trends to detect problems as soon as they occur. In the event of a website error, we will work with host providers to get a site back on track as soon as possible.


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