Image of Paradigm Digital Group's team, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Indianapolis, Indiana

About Us

Paradigm Digital Group is an experienced lead generation firm and digital marketing agency in Indianapolis, IN serving the Transportation, Truck Driving, Trades & Vocational Training, and Career College Industries.


For over 35 years, Paradigm Digital, a leading digital marketing agency in Indianapolis, IN, has navigated the ever-changing landscape of lead generation and continues to create innovative digital solutions for private schools and colleges throughout North America. We look at your company’s “overall marketing lead objectives” and apply the best marketing channels for your budget. Then, we meet you where you are and figure out the best solution. But understand…we are not a lead aggregator and do not “buy and resell” leads. The branded leads we generate with your marketing dollars are your leads and YOURS only!

We have developed a reputation for creating results-oriented marketing campaigns during our tenure in these highly competitive industries. Paradigm Digital offers high levels of personal service and can change and adapt quickly. In the 1980s, Paradigm was known for our low-cost, high-quality television creative, which generated over 15,000 live phone calls for clients weekly. The production knowledge gained from TV morphed into providing excellent web video content for our client’s websites and other marketing platforms.

Starting in 1995, we began the transformation, moving our clients to digital by managing everything from Website design, development & management, SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media management, video production, media (digital, traditional, and social), etc.

While today’s marketing landscape has completely changed, our philosophy of service, creativity, and ingenuity hasn’t not. Paradigm Digital still has a reputation for creating highly effective, affordable, lead-generating digital campaigns across all channels. With PDG’s high level of service, we have continued to do business with many of the same clients that have been with us since the beginning. As a result, we have developed strong business and personal relationships. Join our team by contacting us at 317-813-2350 or email


Image of Wine Sommelier Bob Newman pouring wine into tumbler glass during Wine Friday segment, a popular part of Paradigm Digital Group's company culture


A vibrant and inclusive culture is the heartbeat of the dynamic digital marketing agency that is Paradigm Digital Group. We encourage our employees to go outside the box with every new challenge and grow their skills. We cherish, recognize, and commemorate personal and professional milestones, whether it’s work anniversaries, promotions, or life events.

Our open and collaborative work environment produces a fun and lighthearted atmosphere, allowing for equal parts of work and play. On “Wine Fridays,” we come together to unwind and celebrate the end of the week with camaraderie and good spirits. To infuse some excitement, we host eccentric contests and challenges that spark creativity and bring out the best in our team. Paradigm Digital Group’s culture embraces fun and innovation while nurturing a positive and collaborative atmosphere, driving us toward collective growth and excellence.