Social Media Management


Social media is here to stay, and it is one of the easiest ways to increase brand exposure without spending a penny. An effective social media manager does more than just post. They implement strategic marketing campaigns based upon the specific needs of your organization.

A social media account should reflect the pulse of the school. By consistently posting informative, promotional, and engaging content, Paradigm Digital can help you gain new fans while retaining the old ones.


The first question you need to ask yourself is, why would someone want to follow my account. Chances are, fans/followers are looking for meaningful content that will give them the push they need to go from curious prospects to enrolled students. Paradigm Digital will help establish credibility by posting the latest in industry news, and creating program specific blogs that will establish you as a thought leader in your program fields.


A social media page should show subscribers the heart of an organization. Prospective students want to see what a school’s day-to-day activities are, and they want to see if they fit in and can identify with the culture. Of online users, 46 percent reference social media when making a purchasing choice (Source: Nielsen). By posting images and videos of students and classroom activities, the audience will then be able to picture themselves attending that school as well.


Social media is FUN, and getting instant feedback is one of its greatest advantages. Paradigm Digital posts contests, clever insights, and polls to build a positive relationship with the fan base. Learning more about a following is an added bonus. Getting to know followers can help us in tailoring content in future campaigns. The more an audience engages, the more likely it is to share your organization’s message, and bring in new prospects.


Paradigm Digital can help you increase web traffic by sharing news and events from your site on to your social media pages. By posting links that connect back to your site, you are giving your audience another chance to look over your site content, and to submit their contact information. Maintaining your social media accounts can also help you boost Google page rank, and appear in more Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


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