Search Engine Optimization



Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a not a “set it and forget it” service. SEO is an ongoing, evolving strategy that must be monitored and adapted. As mobile traffic now dominates web search, Google continues to roll out new features and updates to accommodate changing search patterns. Algorithms, local business cards and Google’s BrainRank machine learning initiative are just some of the recent developments effecting web rankings. As business managers, it is incumbent to have a game plan to capitalize on these updates.


SEO is more complicated than choosing keywords and using meta tags. The experienced staff of Paradigm Digital Group is well versed in search engine optimization. Our process takes a “ground up” approach, beginning with the site architecture to a thorough content audit to ensure a successful search engine marketing effort. No one can guarantee a number one ranking for any keyword, but working with the trusted SEO professionals at Paradigm Digital can position a website for maximum visibility.


The mobile friendliness of a website is heavily weighted in the search engine algorithm. Mobile traffic share has exploded, and websites providing a good mobile user experience are reaping the rewards. Delivering the information searchers want in a format that’s easy to use on smaller, mobile screens is a key element in Paradigm Digital’s SEO strategy.


Be found where local customers are. A strong Local SEO strategy is an integral component to the overall health of search engine marketing program. The shift toward personalized search provides a user with results tailored toward the user’s location. Google’s emphasis on local results requires special attention to ensure potential local customers are able to find your website easily.


SEO is not about promoting what marketers want people to see, but rather, it is delivering the information that people want to see. By meeting the expectations of the searchers with relevant, helpful content, websites will experience an SEO ranking boost. When the focus is on the intended audience, a business is much more likely to achieve its website goals.


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