June 12, 2018

Internet marketing is a changing field.

“In the last decade, internet and online marketing techniques have drastically altered the way in which we share information, introducing a profound impact upon the world of internet-related businesses,” writes Alex Pirouz in a blog post for Huffington Post. “Especially throughout the last few years, there has been a focus upon inbound techniques over outbound tactics, and more businesses than ever are discovering the advantages associated with publishing original content on a regular basis, instead of embedding advertisements into external content.”

Pirouz adds that “Never before in the history of the world, has the playing field been so level for companies everywhere. The advent of social media and blogging has completely democratized the business world, and opened doors for even the smallest of business.”

The Internet offers a world of possibilities for your career college, but you have to know how to use it correctly. Internet marketing is much more than just having a website. Internet marketing takes a specific strategy and puts it in place in order to help your career college reach more potential students.

“The basic strategy of content marketing requires you to have a clear vision of your business objective,” Pirouz adds. “This will help you create viable web content strategies for engaging both your target customers as well as search engines — helping you generate better ROI by improving search engine rankings and ultimately the all important sales.”

Pirouz also writes that the essence of online businesses nowadays is to generate maximum web visibility and garner online reputation in the process. One of the basic rules is to provide your customers enough quality content for them to talk about and engage with.

Those strategies and more are put in place by Paradigm Digital as we tailor an Internet marketing strategy around the uniqueness of your career college.

In his article, Pirouz also offers five tips for creating a powerful content marketing strategy. They are:

1) Focus your plan around being able to consistently create high quality content.

2) Ensure your content strategy covers a wide range of different content types. Text blog posts, advanced guides, infographics, images, video — the more types of media you create the greater the potentially reach and the number of different distribution channels you can use to get eyeballs on your content.

3) If need be outsource your content creation, but only do so once you have developed strict guidelines around tone, style, voice, and the core messages that you want your content to speak towards.

4) Identify the problems in your industry, the questions people are asking and focus on being a resource that creates content that solves problems and puts you in a position of authority within your industry.

5) Don’t forget the marketing in content marketing. This is the most important point. People are now creating endless amounts of content and thinking they are doing content marketing. You should be spending as much time in marketing the content as you are creating the content on the first place.

These tips might be helpful, but if you are looking to take your Internet marketing strategy to the next level then Paradigm Digital could be the right fit for your career college.


Achieving a personalized strategy to marketing can be challenging, which is why many career colleges and trade schools and looked to Paradigm Digital to help develop an effective plan. A successful Internet marketing plan means not only getting your message in front of prospective students, but engaging them in such a way that they seek out additional information.


Personalization involves more than just an understanding of stats and trends. It requires an understanding of what your specific goals are and how to connect trends with your goals. At Paradigm Digital we work to create an Internet marketing plan that is unique to your school and helps promote your message to the exact demographics you are trying to reach.


The first step is to understand what your goals are, followed by understanding what demographics you need to reach. That’s followed by a strategy and plan that is specialized for your career college that is designed to get results.

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