Bob Newman

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Bob Newman orchestrates the integrated marketing plans in terms of coordination, communication, execution, and vision for each of Paradigm’s clients. He oversees all aspects, including lead generation, goal setting, production, creative development, reporting, and analysis. With over 34 years experience in educational marketing and lead generation, his expertise lies in developing strategies to effectively help clients enroll a greater number of students at a lower cost. Bob understands the difference between a CPL, CPM and CPE and is involved in every aspect of the marketing and recruiting campaign. Bob learned early on in his career that being a successful marketing agency means needing to do more than just generate leads for your clients, you need to help clients generate business.

Bob’s expertise in education marketing doesn’t stop with his many years of experience. He also spends a tremendous amount of time in contact with consultants, school directors and other officials to ensure that he is abreast of changes to regulations and market trends within client industries. When the education industry is faced with upcoming changes in regulations, funding sources or effective advertising trends, Paradigm is able to quickly adapt clients marketing plans, and notify them of how these upcoming changes will affect their schools.

Bob has served on the Board of Directors of several organizations, and has spoken at State Association meetings in Indiana, Ohio, and Louisiana.

Fun Fact: After retirement, Bob would like to become a Sommelier for a resort in Maui. He is also quite jealous of Tango and often contemplates trading places with him.

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