March 5, 2018

Internet marketing isn’t necessarily easy, but it doesn’t have to be a problem area for your career college.

Using an effective Internet marketing campaign can be a great way to increase your career college’s visibility and reach prospective students. Paradigm Digital is a leader in working with schools to help them expand their use of Internet marketing in an effective way.

If you are considering an Internet marketing plan, here are five tips:

  1. The best way to expand the awareness of your career college is with an strong Web presence. Having a professional website can go a long way in helping your career college expand its message. However, more than just looking good, your website should be functional, easy to navigate and have relevant content that attracts visitors.
  2. Understanding your audience is a crucial part of an effective Internet marketing campaign. Through exhaustive research and analysis, Paradigm Digital helps you develop an Internet marketing plan for your career college that is unique to your audience.  “Personalization is the process of targeting content to individuals based on one or more of the following: who they are; where they are; when, why, and how they access content; and what device they use to access it, according to Scott P. Abel of The Content Wrangler,” wrote Ann Gynn in an article for the Content Marketing Institute.
  3. Understand changes in the world of marketing. The world of marketing has dramatically changed in recent years and the process for reaching potential customers and potential students has changed. No longer does traditional advertising and marketing do the trick. Today’s career colleges need innovative marketing solutions that utilize the new resources that exist today with Internet marketing.  In today’s increasingly social media-infused environment, traditional marketing and sales not only doesn’t work so well, it doesn’t make sense. One of the best things you can do for your career college is simply acknowledge that traditional forms of marketing are no longer as effective as having a sophisticated Internet marketing plan.
  4. Understand what your goals are. Your career college should have an outline of enrollment goals and your Internet marketing campaign should be measured against those goals. It will be difficult to tell if a plan is working without any type of measuring stick.
  5. Be open to new ideas. Because the world of Internet marketing is changing, it is important to change with it. Being open to new and creative ideas can go a long way in helping your Internet marketing campaign remain fresh and relevant.
  6. Partner with a professional. There are many things you can do in house to increase your Internet marketing, but it can be a smart decision to work with a company that has experience in developing great websites, producing Web-based content and creating sophisticated marketing campaigns. Working with a professional like Paradigm Digital also allows you to focus on your school and educating students.

Now is the perfect time to increase your use of Internet marketing, if for no other reason that your competitors most likely already are. Career Colleges are finding success in using digital marketing strategies to recruit more students, and Paradigm Digital has had lots of success helping schools find unique strategies for getting their message out to potential students.

Achieving a personalized strategy to marketing can be challenging, which is why many career colleges and trade schools and looked to Paradigm Digital to help develop an effective plan. A successful Internet marketing plan means not only getting your message in front of prospective students, but engaging them in such a way that they seek out additional information.

Personalization involves more than just an understanding of stats and trends. It requires an understanding of what your specific goals are and how to connect trends with your goals. At Paradigm Digital we work to create an Internet marketing plan that is unique to your school and helps promote your message to the exact demographics you are trying to reach.

The first step is to understand what your goals are, followed by understanding what demographics you need to reach. That’s followed by a strategy and plan that is specialized for your career college that is designed to get results.

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