June 2, 2017

It can be important for your career college to have a dedicated worker who oversees your marketing and Web presence. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also consider partnering with a firm like Paradigm Media that has experience in reaching prospective students through strategic Internet marketing plans.

“Dr. Mark Samaha will be the first to admit he is far from an expert about online marketing,” writes Denise Deveau in her Financial Post article titled “Why do-it-yourself marketing isn’t always the smart choice.”

In that article, Deveau quotes Dr. Samaha as saying he benefited from working with a firm to help him develop a website and Internet marketing strategy.

“When I began the Website, we were pretty careful about where we needed to put our money,” said Dr. Samaha, the head of the Montreal Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery private clinic.

Deveau reports that “Even with a tight budget, he knew it was wise to invest in some professional advice to develop his online presence. One important lesson for him was that having the best looking website isn’t effective without thinking about optimization.”

“If you don’t do the SEO [search engine optimization] part, it won’t show up anywhere [in a search],” Dr. Samaha said. “It’s like the proverbial tree falling in the forest.”

Dr. Samaha’s understanding of effective Internet marketing is what can make the difference for his business. If you have a career college but have tried to complete an Internet marketing campaign on your own, you have probably already discovered that results can be hard to come by.

That is why teaming up with a firm like Paradigm Media can be a great way to undertake a strategic and sophisticated Internet marketing strategy that is designed to reach prospective students.

It is unlikely that you would try to teach all the courses at your career college yourself or with untrained individuals. So why would you attempt to undertake an Internet marketing campaign on your own?

The best way to reach new students is through the Internet and many prospective students who are considering a career change or completing a training program will research their options online. That means if your career college does not have a strong Internet presence of strategic Internet marketing campaign you are missing out on new students and new business.

Now is the perfect time to increase your use of Internet marketing, if for no other reason that your competitors most likely already are. Career Colleges are finding success in using digital marketing strategies to recruit more students, and Paradigm Media has had lots of success helping schools find unique strategies for getting their message out to potential students.

Achieving a personalized strategy to marketing can be challenging, which is why many career colleges and trade schools and looked to Paradigm Media to help develop an effective plan. A successful Internet marketing plan means not only getting your message in front of prospective students, but engaging them in such a way that they seek out additional information.

Personalization involves more than just an understanding of stats and trends. It requires an understanding of what your specific goals are and how to connect trends with your goals. At Paradigm Media we work to create an Internet marketing plan that is unique to your school and helps promote your message to the exact demographics you are trying to reach.

The first step is to understand what your goals are, followed by understanding what demographics you need to reach. That’s followed by a strategy and plan that is specialized for your career college that is designed to get results.

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